Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Steampunk or Theatrical Victorian? That is the question!

It has been awhile, hasn't it. Since last I posted, I've had another birthday, Thanksgiving and Christmas. And the New Year is approaching very quickly!

I was talking with some friends and looking at jewelry on
Etsy when I ran across a necklace that was titled "Steampunk". Well, I've looked at steampunk and this didn't look steampunk to me. So........ I asked my friends (one who actually is into steampunk) and was told, no, this wasn't steampunk.

Another friend piped up and called it "Theatrical Victorian". Well, I think she just coined a new search phrase. I think that term fits the piece to a "T". Wish I had thought it up! And, I wish I could remember where I saw the gorgeous necklace!!!

Another phrase she used was "as a pink plastic 80's watebasket is to shabby chic". I was about rolling!

Look for more fun things in the coming year!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Daybook October 30

October 30, 2009

Outside my window... the rain is gently falling.

I am hoping... it moves more quickly here than it did on other parts of the US

I am thinking... about going to bed. It's been a long day

I am thankful for... a husband who takes charge of supper on Fridays

I am wearing... Black and white. White shoes, black knit comfy pants and black/white "silky" blouse. I just took my black and white earrings off.

I am creating... absolutely nothing tonight. But, it's late. I did win a set of patterns off eBay, so I will be creating soon.

I am going... to post this, then go to bed.

I am reading... "The Unbreakable Child" by Kim Michele Richardson

I am hearing... my Beloved talking to the television. A welcome sound since I rarely get to hear it.

On my mind... I'm wondering how much I'll get accomplished tomorrow. An early night should mean an early morning.

From the kitchen... I found two excellent chuck roasts on sale today. Can't wait to cook them!

One of my favorite things... small, fluffy kittens

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Daybook October 29

October 29, 2009

Outside my window... again, it's dark. It seems I get to these in the evenings rather than in the mornings.

I am thinking... I have too much to do and not enough time.

I am thankful for... warmer weather today.

I am wearing... Jeans and a blouse. Nothing spectacular.

I am remembering... the first time I laid eyes on my 12 year old puppy.

I am going... to work a full day tomorrow.

I am reading... blogs on prim decor

I am hoping... I can find time to do some sewing this weekend.

Noticing that... the dishes aren't getting done without me.

From the kitchen... thinking about throwing some chili together,

One of my favorite things~ A fresh, crisp, Granny Smith apple.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Daybook - October 28, 2009

October 28, 2009

Outside my window... It's cloudy, but I can see "sunshine" in the leaves that are changing from green to yellow

I am thinking... that's it's already the middle of the week and I've not accomplished very much. I hate to be in bed already when my Beloved comes home, but I don't get up early enough the next morning and that's my day off. I really need to figure something out.. soon. Well, that didn't go as planned. I just spent a delightful 1 1/2 hours chatting on the phone with a friend.

I am thankful for... good friends

From the kitchen... going to try drying bananas today.

I am wearing... jeans, running shoes and a YW camp tee

I am creating... a box of stuff for goodwill

I am reading... still looking for something good. So far, the books I've picked up are not meeting minimum requirements this week.

I am hoping... for more sun tomorrow, even if I have to work.

I am hearing... afternoon traffic. My home stays pretty quiet.

One of my favorite things...Water Globes! I'm replacing all my other collections with them. Of course, they can "house" my other collections within their globes.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Daybook Day - October 27, 2009

October 27, 2009...
Outside my window... Lots of rain and drizzle.
It's been this way all day

I am thinking... I better go put a load of laundry in the washer.

I am thankful for... my Beloved putting gas in the car yesterday
so I wouldn't have to do it today.

I am wearing... a too-light weight blouse and soft, warm, knit pants

I am going... to start the wood stove in a few minutes

I am reading... lots of blogs on prim decor.

I am hoping... I can accomplish some of what I want
to get done tonight.

I am hearing... rain dripping down the window.

One of my favorite things... good instrumental piano music.

A few plans for the rest of the week: fill several boxes of clutter
to go to GW, turn a dresser around in a doorway so the drawers
are accessible to the room they are actually needed in.
Still working on this... I'm hoping to get it started tonight

Monday, October 26, 2009

Daybook Day 1 - October 26, 2009

October 26, 2009...
Outside my window... It's night, so it's dark. There is traffic breaking the peacefulness.
I am thinking... about how much I love my Beloved and how
much he does to care for me.
I am thankful for... the wood stove and
the heat emitting from it. It's certainly taking the chill off.
I am wearing... the inaugural local Bluegrass Festival T-Shirt
and soft, warm, knit pants
I am creating... dish towels
I am going... to bed soon
I am reading... nothing at the moment.
I finished the latest books just yesterday.
I am hoping... my Beloved gets the run he wants
when they bid next Monday.
I am hearing... my dog panting
One of my favorite things... Real Hot Chocolate.
Not that fake kind where all you have to do is add water.
A few plans for the rest of the week: fill several boxes of clutter
to go to GW, turn a dresser around in a doorway so the drawers
are accessible to the room they are actually needed in.

Inspired by
~The Simple Woman's Daybook~

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Hot Chocolate - The Childhood Way

OK, so I've been drinking Hot Chocolate using Swiss Miss Instant for years and years.

A couple of weeks ago, the Save-A-Lot in Radcliff had a sale on Nesquik. Nice little packages that have lots of chocolate in them. They were $.25 each. I bought 4 and now wish I had been greedy and taken all they had left.

The other night I was freezing and didn't want herbal tea or other hot beverage (I don't drink coffee or regular tea). My tubs of Nesquik just happened to be in my line of site and the light bulb went on. Hot Chocolate with real milk! Now, I did take a modern short cut and heated it in the Microwave, but man-oh-man! I thought I had gone back in time about 35 years.

The hot chocolate mix in the little envelopes are now delegated to when I am totally out of milk, unless I'm at my mom's where Swiss Miss moved in.

The AWESOME Cup of Hot Chocolate was taken by Barb Watson

Monday, June 22, 2009

Who Turned On The Oven? And a Food Storage Challenge

My last post is in March, and I return hoping for temps close to what they were then. Baby, it's HOT outside. My hot is different from the south west hot. When desert dwellers hear me complain about temps in the upper 80's and lower 90's, then call me wimpy. What they don't realize is I'm drowning in humidity on top of the heat. Right now, it's miserable in the rest of my home. I only have one room with a/c and that's the bedroom. Which has become the living/eating/sleeping/office room.

Have your heard about the Seven Day Challenge over at Food Storage Made Easy? I'm really excited to be taking part in it. I need a bit of help working with my food storage, still. The preparation up to the actual Surprise challenge day will be fun and informative. I'm so thankful for the gals over there!! Hey! If you sign up and mention my full name - Betty Hancock - I'll get an extra entry in the drawing. I sure love extras ~smile~ Just click on the graphic below.

The Seven Day Food Challenge.  Join me this fall (and give me credit)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Where does the time go?

I can't believe it's been over a month since I last wrote.

Let's see. I'm in the middle of the movie Mama Mia (actually I've gotten through the first two previews), but it's in the DVD player, so that's a start. Then I remembered there were a couple TV shows on tonight that I really like......... So, Mama Mia sits in wait. But I have to finish it tonight, or send the western back so I can "try" to get Twilight. Hhhmm Need to definitely mail one back tomorrow....... it arrives Friday......... Twilight ships Friday afternoon (if I got my request in soon enough) and arrives Saturday. Unfortunately, I work Saturday and have commitments for Sunday evening. Looks like Monday will be the first day I will get to watch it.

I canned some chicken breast the other day. It was the first time I've ever canned meat. But, it turned out great! I forgot to pick up tuna for Hubby's lunch about a week ago. This is not a good thing, so I opened a jar of the chicken and made chicken salad. With the milder flavor, the chicken provides a blank slate to create some really interesting taste combinations. I never make things the same way twice, so it's an adventure every time. Hubby really likes fresh ground pepper. It got lost in the tuna salad, but added the perfect bite with the chicken.

My next canning adventure is going to be cole slaw. Perfect timing with it being right past St. Patrick's day with it's corned beef and cabbage. I've heard people give rave reviews using the recipe I'm going to try. We'll see. I have a friend who cans, also. She is a bit sceptical about the possible results. But it will be a BWB process, and the syrup has vinegar, so it should be ok. Tomorrow, after I get back from the grocery (if I get my list and coupons ready tonight), I'll start the grating. I'm really excited! Hopefully I'll be able to offer canned cole claw as a side dish at Sunday supper.

OH! I went to Wal-Mart last night to buy seeds for my garden. I was so not impressed. Yes the seeds were pretty inexpensive, but the packages didn't tell me how many seeds were in the packet. What's up with that? I know what I want to grow, approximately how many seeds it will take - including the possibility of seeds not germinating, or getting mangled, and when I need to get them started. So, I'm going to be placing another seed order from Burpee. I have a little seed starter maker coming. It uses newspaper to form the pot. I've wanted one for several years. This year I finally thought about getting it before it was too late to start the seeds.

In addition to the veggies, I'm starting some flowers for my mom. I can grow a whole sea of flowers for what we pay for plants every year.

Hope to "see" you again soon.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Where were you when the lights went out?

I was in the dark! of course............... And I got to see the electric line send it's blue arc into the air. I have the tale to tell, but it will have to wait as I catch up with things here at home.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Success! & The Sweet Tooth (otherwise known as my Beloved)

I did it! And I didn't blow up the house. I canned 9 pints of turkey broth. It was a whole lot easier than I thought it might be. It was so rewarding to hear the lids ping when I set them on the towel. Next adventure? Either chili or pinto beans. I really want to do some soup and chicken, but the price hasn't been right yet.

Now that I've accomplished that goal for this week, I am seriously debating whether or not to satisfy my Beloved's sweet tooth. I have spaghetti for supper and I'm thinking of baking some cupcakes (I can't imagine why cupcakes would be the thought given some of the cooking blogs I read). He seriously loves cupcakes. The only dessert that is higher on his list of favorites is Snickerdoodles. He had some of those for Christmas, so he should be good for a few more weeks.

So, cupcakes it is. I would love to make from scratch, but I have several mixes that really need to be used before I get too far ahead of myself.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Am I Crazy?

Well, let's not get personal here, ha!

Today I am going to try my hand at pressure canning. I finally got my new pressure gauge and installed it this morning. The turkey broth that has been sitting in the freezer since Thanksgiving is thawing. I'm a bit apprehensive. But, it's cold outside, the wood stove is not putting out the heat like I would like it to. So............. let's see if we can avoid putting a hole in the roof, yet have some awesome broth to use for cooking as the months go by.

Wish me luck! I'll report back with pictures if everything works.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Warmth in a Mug

I went to Kroger's on Tuesday. While there, I discovered a Bigelow herbal tea called Pomegranate Pizzazz®. I am hooked! It's awesome! And, I found the natural stevia sweetener called Only Sweet. I've always wanted to use stevia, but could never figure out how to make it sweeten the way I needed it to. I never got it right. These little green-on-white sachets are perfect! Since I am diabetic, I struggle to find something I like that is good for me. The pink, blue and yellow packets just never did it for me. Always an aftertaste. Not with the stevia. I can't wait to try it in my next cup of Kaffree Roma.

Cracking Eggs

Well, it's been a bit interesting over the past couple of days. Last night I decided to make an omelet (I'm still working on it) by cracking a few eggs.

In my house, making an omelet means I'm totally gutting an area and decluttering it, or re purposing it. Last night was re purposing. I have a pantry with pull out shelves in the top that holds my small appliances (an appliance penthouse since its on the top shelf) and my baking / cooking ingredients like spices, honey, oils, etc. That only takes up the top half of the pantry.

The bottom half was originally built to hold a portable dishwasher. Since I am the dishwasher, that space it pretty much wasted with things I had totally forgotten about. Such as the sauce pot that I tried to use for a wash pail............until I discovered the hole that was in it. Then I remembered that I used that with the hot air popcorn popper because of the hole. That went into the recycle bin!

Anyways... After I cleaned the "stuff" from that nice open space and washed it down, I decided to put my canning supplies in there. So far it's several cases of jars (pint and quart) that I have here, and will have more when I bring the cases I have at my mom's over here. I have 2 pressure canners and 2 water bath canners. I also have my food mill and various spoons and gadgets. I'm hoping to be able to add a steam juicer to the collection. I don't think I'll have room to put my dehydrator when I get it, but I'm going to try.

So that's my re purposing day.

Monday I was inspired by a post featuring Roasted Beet and Potato Salad with Fresh Goat Cheese from Gastroanthropology to try my hand a Roasted Root Vegetables. I had Idaho and Sweet Potatoes on hand and a couple of "fresh" beets. I don't normally have beets (let's just say I have never had fresh beets in my house), but I had tried to do root vegetable chips a couple of weeks ago. Suffice it to say that didn't work out but had two beets left over.

I diced the potatoes and beets, tossed them in a bit of olive oil and salt, poured them into a not-so-deep roasting pan then put them in the oven at 400 for a bit (25 - 30 minutes if I remember correctly). These turned out so much better than the veggie chips. There are some improvements needed. Next time, I'll skip the sweet potatoes which were too sweet and figure out how to cut that rutabaga without breaking my knife or breaking the counter into small pieces.

It's supposed to get down to single digits tonight with wind chills -10 to -20. I have the wood stove going and I'm thinking about canning some turkey broth that I froze at Thanksgiving. Not sure if I have time since the broth is still frozen. If I don't get to it tonight, I'll try to get an earlier start when I get home from work on Thursday. I'll probably need the extra heat from the canner to keep the furnace from coming on (it's set at 60 right now and doing ok).

The cold front is roaring through as I type. BBRRR Time to throw another log on the fire! The wind is blowing really good now. Until next time.............

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Cup Cake Test

I found this cute test on the "Cake Makes the World a Better Place! blog and I just couldn't resist taking it myself.

Your Cupcake Says You Are Lovable

At parties, you tend to be a social butterfly. You enjoy making conversation and making sure everyone is having fun.

You hardly have any restraint. You only hold yourself back when absolutely necessary.

The most important thing in your life is love.

You are laid back, flexible, and easy to get along with. To know you is to care for you.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

More than Pictures

Welcome to my blog "Reflections on Life and the Warmth of Home and Family". I have a picture blog that I enjoy, but it's hard to keep up with a picture a day (yes, I'm far behind). I want to share the more mundane, yet awesome, aspects of life. So, once I get it all prettied up, you can come back and see what's mundane or awesome in my neck of the woods.