Thursday, January 22, 2009

Success! & The Sweet Tooth (otherwise known as my Beloved)

I did it! And I didn't blow up the house. I canned 9 pints of turkey broth. It was a whole lot easier than I thought it might be. It was so rewarding to hear the lids ping when I set them on the towel. Next adventure? Either chili or pinto beans. I really want to do some soup and chicken, but the price hasn't been right yet.

Now that I've accomplished that goal for this week, I am seriously debating whether or not to satisfy my Beloved's sweet tooth. I have spaghetti for supper and I'm thinking of baking some cupcakes (I can't imagine why cupcakes would be the thought given some of the cooking blogs I read). He seriously loves cupcakes. The only dessert that is higher on his list of favorites is Snickerdoodles. He had some of those for Christmas, so he should be good for a few more weeks.

So, cupcakes it is. I would love to make from scratch, but I have several mixes that really need to be used before I get too far ahead of myself.


Little Knitter Gem said...

Well done on the canning!! I have never attempted such an incredible task (nor do I have the nerve to do so!!)

Can't wait to see how the cupcakes turn out. :)

Gemma x x

Lorie said...

Good for you! Canning is something I am planning on doing for the first time this year!

Betty @ Warm Reflections said...

Thanks Gemma And Lorie! I've done pickles and jams/jellies/butters, but this was the first time I have done any pressure canning. The bug hit, but so did the ice storm. But, tomorrow is another day :)